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The Sour Series (Series Two)

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The Confidential Collection (Series One)

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About LA Confidential – The Pollen Donor for RPC’s Confidential Collection

Recommended experience level: Beginner

Lineage: OG LA Affie x Afghani

About the pollen donor:


  • DNA Genetics introduced the LA Confidential to the world market in the mid 2000’s in order to bring a version of classic LA OG Kush to the masses in seed form.  It has gone on to revolutionize the high grade cannabis scene across the world.
  • Whilst racking up numerous highly prestigious awards (see below) the LA Confidential also became widely known for its strong medicinal properties
  • With a deep spicy pine nutmeg aroma & flavor, and thick lung expanding smoke, the LA Confidential has become a worldwide sensation.
  • The LA Con is a heavy feeder that is adaptable to multiple grow methods, she does well indoor, outdoor, single stalk, SOG, or super-cropped.

Notable Awards:

  • High Times Strain of The Year 2006
  • 1st Indica High Times Cannabis Cup 2008
  • 1st Kush Cup Las Vegas 2007
  • 1st IC420 Breeder’s Cup 2005
  • 1st  Battle of the Bridge 2009
  • 2nd Indica High Times Cannabis Cup 2005
  • 2nd Bio Highlife Cup 2009
  • 3rd Indica High Times Cannabis Cup 2004
  • 3rd Kush Cup Las Vegas 2006

Yield: low

  • 350-600g / 1000W

Flowering time: Short

  • 45-56 days

Growth stature:  Compact

  • Longer vegetative period needed for increased yield
  • Extremely tight internodal spacing
  • Extremely large fan leaves, strongly recommend pruning upper-most fan leaves to allow light penetration
  • Due to slower vegetative growth, we strongly recommend pinching instead of topping if you’re going for multiple tops

Nugget type and density:

  • Blanketed with plump trichomes sparkling like jewels atop the dark tightly packed purple calyxes. These dense, grape sized nuggets are sure to delight even the most discerning of connoisseurs

Unique strain traits and oddities of mother:

  • Extremely large fan leaves
  • Extremely dark leaves, that turn from dark green to deep purple during late flower

Why we chose her:

  • The LA Con is not only one of the most highly decorated strains in history; it is also among the most proven breeding stock for award winning strains as well. Children and grandchildren of the LA Confidential have also gone on to win multiple highly regarded awards (see below).
  • The genotype of our pollen donor is the actual cut of the LA Confidential from Don and Aaron of DNA Genetics, the one they’ve chosen after a decade of phenotype selection for this strain.
  • The medicinal properties of the LA Confidential have been widely acknowledged, and well documented (see below)
  • The compact stature helps to tame some of the stretchy sativas we’ve chosen to breed her with
  • The short flowering time of the LA Con makes the progeny of her crosses with long growing strains more manageable for those with short grow seasons, or need for quick garden turnover

Other notable progeny

  • Connie Chung
  • Confidential Cheese
  • ReCon

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